No issues with the various traction and stability systems. 高強度シリンダーケース シリンダーケースには高強度のSTKM13C材を採用。


Blitz ZZR Coilovers installed with pics

これによりストローク量を変化させることなく車高の調整が可能で、底付きなどのトラブルを心配する必要はありません。 I noticed you're on 18 inch wheels too, which I would think doesn't absorb much of the road imperfections and noise , unless you have pretty paved roads where you drive. 高強度・高耐久性・軽量化を実現。



If anyone is interested I would love to see more lowered Pri'i on the street and would gladly pass any hook ups I have and can give on these, just let me know. - A single mono tube shock absorber is adopted for all lineup - 32 way adjustable damper rates - Ideal for both street or circuit use. 全長調整式では車高を下げた場合も、スプリングの長さ(A)に一切変化はありません。 yea that won't work lol, but thanks for your help. - A large 44mm diameter piston is used Some vehicles area excluded - This damper can be overhauled to maintain prime condition. フロントストラット式以外の車種と、リアには強化ゴムマウントを採用。 I am not an employee of Blitz or FRsport I like the brand and support authentic Japanese brands. He provided me a link and a promo code. また、アップガレージショップでは店頭との併売業務のため、ショップの混雑状況によっては土日発送いたしかねるケースもございます。


全長調整式の構造とメリット 全長調整式の車高調整はロアブラケット部のロック位置(B)を上下させて行います。


Blitz ZZR suspension

Looks like you've captured quite a lot of interest including myself. PM Sent As for road noise i wouldn't say there's much of a difference seeing that you can adjust the dampening to your preference. 配送について 代引き決済をご選択のお客様は、配送の際の営業所留めはお受けできません。 さらに タイヤ のカテゴリを絞り込み• The brackets are finished in a classy matt black. While it sounds like the dodgiest and smallest setup you'd ever here about he is excellent, has been in business for years, is dead cheap and I've never heard of an unhappy customer. ダストブーツ・バンプラバー ピストンロッドを保護するためのダストブーツと、ピストンの底付き防止のためのバンプラバーを標準装備。 Sent from my DROID4 using Tapatalk 2 i was running swift spec-r spring with oem struts before this. but comparing coilover vs spring is apples to oranges. 特殊ニードルバルブの採用で、しっかりとした減衰力調整を可能にしました。


Blitz ZZR suspension

もちろん従来のネジ式同様に、スプリングの伸縮での車高調整やプリロードの調整は可能ですので、さらにシチュエーションに合わせた使い方が可能です。 it's probably the same factory and the paint colour and stickers the only difference. I used the factory spring height which gave me a 30mm drop from factory 400mm down to 370mm from centre of wheel to the guard. I was a little weary about getting suspension because of my commute but wanted the look so I took the gamble and I'm glad I did. Camber adjustment allows alignment to be set to personal preference. He sources from yahoo auctions japan for hard to get second hand gear, and also has direct accounts with major suppliers including Nissan and Blitz. Since my commute to work is about 70 miles to and from work I didn't want to go any stiffer. That other post confirms the same spring rates and 32 way adjustment on the front and I assume the rear on the other kit. i want to see if i can get some sort of comparison of these and the more common coilovers on this forum. これらの調整方法は、乗り心地の悪化や底付き、異音といったトラブルが発生しやすいものでした。

blitz prius

A large 44mm diameter low friction piston control initial damping, allowing a comfortable ride but a shart driving response. I don't think there's quite enough interest. 時間指定につきましては、お届けエリアによってお受けできない場合もございます。